Modern culture and crafts, folklore groups, professional art

Traditional dances, music, folklore, and pictorial art are all part of the cultural heritage of the Udege people. The successors of the tradition are the dance ensembles, which exist in almost every national village.

In Krasny Yar, there are several youth ensembles, successors to the popular Agdaimi . One of them is Uli Kyalani (“On the River Bank”) created at the “Tiger” ethnocenter, headed by Galina Melnikova. Two ensembles, the children's Kesikhi (“Happiness”), headed by Olga Kyalundzyuga, and the adult band Bikinge Utadiga (“The People of Bikin”), were created under the aegis of the Bikin National Park. The regular participants in festivals and celebrations, these three ensembles continue to broadcast their intangible cultural heritage through music, dance, and folklore.

The ensemble Su Gagpai (“Rays of the Sun”) from the village of Gvasyugi, has had, just like the legendary Agzin ensemble Kunkay , a long history. Back in the 1950s-60s, it performed in Moscow, presenting Udege culture to the capital's audience. The second Gvasyugi ensemble, Bua Sonte , also continues the tradition and is a regular participant in rural celebrations.

The village of Arsenyevo is home to the singing ensemble Uninka Gyava that has existed for more than 10 years under the direction of Alfiya Gubaeva. The ensemble is a fixture at regional, territorial, and international festivals, and a winner of many competitions. The members of the ensemble restore forgotten works, break them down into vocal ranges, arrange them, and present the forgotten cultural heritage to the audience.

In the village of Krasny Yar, in 2008, a museum and ethnocultural center were created at the “Tiger” indigenous community as part of the environmental program of the World Wildlife Fund. The Museum contains unique materials about the life and traditional crafts of the Udege. Active work is underway to update the exhibitions and collect new items shedding light on the history of the village and the residents. The Museum hosts master classes on traditional crafts, jewelry making, and Udege cuisine, and organizes thematic exhibitions, and tours for children and village guests.