The original of the Tozhu (the Tozhu Tuvan people) is tozhu or tozhu-kizhi. The pre-revolutionary sources often identify this group as Soyots or Soyons. Their traditional activities are reindeer herding, hunting, and gathering. Their total number according to the All-Russian Population Census of 2010 is 1856 persons, of which 82 reside in the Tozhinsky district of the Republic of Tyva, and 1774 – in the Tere-Kholsky district.

General information
Contemporary scholars recorded the following names of tribal groups (clans) of the Tozhinsky district: Ak, Urat, Soyan, Balykchy, Kol, Baraan, and Khoyuk. Since ancient times, the Ak clan lived in Kham-Syra and Iy, the Balykchy - on the shores of Lake Azas, the Chogdu and Kol in Adyr-Kezhig (kol means “the main”). The Chogdu (Choodu) clan is further divided into Ak-Chogdu and Kara Chogdu.
Surrounding society and the main economic society of the region of residence

The Tozhu kozhuun occupies the northeastern part of the Republic of Tyva and borders on the Kyzyl, Piy-Khem and Kaa-Khem kozhuuns, the Republic of Buryatia, the Irkutsk region, and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The regional administrative center (sumon) is Toora-Khem.

Spiritual culture

Researchers recorded that at the beginning of the 20th century, the Tozhu Tuvans still retained animistic beliefs and associated taboos and rituals. Fire was considered a spirit that could harm if angered, so it should not be scolded.

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