The Chulym Turkic language


The Chulym Turkic language (also “Chulym”) used to be called the Yasak/Isak/Isashny non-Slavic language, the language of the Tomsk Karagas, the language of the Chulym Khakass, the language of the Chulym Tatars.

the Chulym
General Characteristics

In the census of 2010, 355 people were counted as the Chulym, of which 44 identified Chulym as their native language. In the census of 2010, there was also a question about native language proficiency and only 7 people identified themselves as proficient. This generally corresponds to the assessment of linguists and experts in Chulym Turkic. About thirty more people in 2013 were passive speakers: they could understand the language, but did not speak it. Currently, according to Valeria Lemskaya, the number of native speakers has decreased to approximately 30 people.

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