Shor language


Self-designation is шор тили / тадар тили.

Shor language

Language proficiency is limited to the middle and older generations. No more than 10% of ethnic Shors of the middle generation are fluent in their mother tongue. In both middle and older generations, all native speakers are bilingual. They use mainly Russian in their everyday life, including for communication with each other.

Autumn camp
and roasting meat
on the horns by the campfire
Abandoned measles plague,
Lower Tunguska river in the Nakanno area.
1987. Photo by A.A. Sirina
General characteristics

Mrasu dialect / literary variant is seriously endangered, Kondoma dialect is seriously endangered or on the verge of extinction. There are communities of the Mrasu native speakers in both small and large settlements, including cities (Myski, Tashtagol, Mezhdurechensk). The attempts to revive Shor (nursery school courses, video tutorials, publication of ABC and grammar books) are also based on the Mrasu dialect. The Kondoma speakers, on the contrary, live only in small villages in remote locations.

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